Monday, February 28, 2011

Need Info on Rattlesnakes? [Updated]

Then don't go to the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo's website and click Rattlesnakes: Facts, Information [UPDATE: This link no longer works; as of 5 March there is no longer a link to ANY sort of rattlesnake info from the Opp Rodeo page  UPDATE#2: It's inexplicably back again, same as before]. Although the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, the Timber Rattlesnake, and the Pigmy Rattlesnake are the three species native to south Alabama, they are not even mentioned by name. But there's tons of generic information on diet, reproduction, etc. Who pulled all this together? Nobody with Opp, it turns out. The local effort that went into this educational resource is zero. It's all lifted verbatim from the Wikipedia Rattlesnake page, minus certain details and all hyperlinks and citations (thanks Dave).
And under "Safety," a photo is provided of a young woman needlessly bare-handing a large eastern diamondback while a grown, bearded man assists. (An old Rodeo program I once had said the snake hunt was "the call of the wild to grown, bearded men.") If you need to pick up a rattler, always use a snake hook. This is safety? More like a display of what not to do.
April 11 2011 edit: At the request of the photographer (a City of Opp employee; see comments below) I've removed the image from this blog post.  There's no photographer credit on the official page I link to above (I couldn't know who to credit) and this kind of thing falls within "fair use" allowances, but I wouldn't want my photo being used without my permission, either.  You can see it here as long as the City keeps it on the website.
The Opp Rodeo has a wonderful opportunity to reach young people with a responsible environmental and safety message. It's a shame they're falling so far short of that potential.


Anonymous said...

Are we sure that's an "Eastern" Diamondback in the picture?

Mark Bailey said...

Hmmm...I think it might be a Western DB, now that I look. Kinda has a coontail there. The other two photos on the page are EDB, but the cartoon snake on the website header is a Western, too. Good call.

Anonymous said...

what web site are these on?

Mark Bailey said...

They removed the page! If you go to the main page and click the "info" box, it's no longer hyperlinked. Guess the folks at Opp are reading my posts. I'll update accordingly. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

So much for the experts! It is an Eastern, caught 3 miles North of Opp.

The young lady did not free hand the snake, she used a snake hook. You weren't there, how can you make such a statement?

You also are using a photo that I made without my permission! More on this later!

Don Childre

Mark Bailey said...

Thanks for the clarification, Don, and my apologies for the photo--didn't know it was yours. I'll take it down when I get to a computer this evening. Can't edit it from this phone. I must point out that the young lady is bare-handing that snake, regardless of how it was caught.

Rattlesnake said...

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