Friday, May 7, 2010

Bill's Gulf Blog

Nobody is writing about the developing disaster in the Gulf like my friend Bill Finch of The Nature Conservancy.

"If those of us along the coast seem more concerned, more frustrated, a little moodier than some, it’s not because we know what the spill will do. It’s simply because we have a better sense of what we have to lose."

May 6: Relax, the Spill Will Get Here

May 5: A New Kind of Nightmare Every Day

May 4: Putting Out the First Line of Defense

May 3: I Think of All the People I Meant to Bring Here

May 2: Waves Too Rough for Booms

May 1: We're Doing All We Can Do

Image: Snowy Plover on nest, Dauphin Island, Alabama. Photo by Mark Bailey

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