Monday, October 5, 2009

RCW Translocation Time Again

Here's what I'll be doing again later this month. This ADCNR video is from the 2007 translocation of 7 endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers from Ft. Benning GA to Enon Plantation near Hurtsboro AL. That was the first time this was ever done on private lands in Alabama, and it's been a huge success. This year we're moving 12. A couple of weeks ago a team of 17 people installed 57 artificial cavity inserts in just a day and a half to get ready for the move.

Without the generosity, support, and conservation ethic of the landowner, Cam Lanier III, obviously this could never happen. Some of the funding is Mr. Lanier's contribution, with the rest in the form of a federal grant through the Alabama Forest Resources Center. Eric Spadgenske (USFWS) is featured, and he's really the brains behind the operation. Also featured is Mark Sasser of ADCNR. I'm in the video, too, but kind of as an "extra" in a couple of scenes. (That's me grabbing the end of the net at the beginning, and installing an insert later on.)


David Steen said...

It's inspiring to hear about what some private landowners are doing on their own initiative.

And that's some nice net work, Mark.

John said...

There could be potentially more opportunity for this on private lands if the Service let go of their misguided (my opinion) Recovery Regions (eg., Sandhills, etc.). Plenty of older longleaf in AL albiet fire suppressed. One can effectively argue there is currently a financial disincentive for Joe Landowner to manage these older stands that would also make good rcw habitats. Create a market for rcw habitat.

Mark Bailey said...

John: I know at least one USFWS RCW biologist who actually reads this blog, so maybe your comment will be heard. I too would like to see a financial incentive for having the birds. Safe Harbor is a great landowner protection program under the current system, but not a real incentive to grow more RCWs.