Friday, January 23, 2009

Harpersville Motel

Mike writes,
"I have a theory that one of the producers at ABC News has recently watched the movie "My Cousin Vinny." You be the judge. Look at the two photos. One is from a scene in the movie, the other is from the news report about the pilot that is accused of trying to fake his death. He jumped out of a plane near Harpersville; I'm sure you've heard the story. The reporter is standing outside the Harpersville Motel where the pilot stayed after parachuting out of the plane.

I think they are trying to portray the State of Alabama as primitive and backward, just like in the movie."

General Putnam Motel from My Cousin Vinny

Harpersville Motel

I don't know. It's certainly not flattering (gotta love that COLOR TV sign), but it really is where the police took the pilot before they knew he was wanted. The motel in My Cousin Vinny is in Putnam County, Georgia, where the movie was filmed. And it sure looks a lot better from the front than the Harpersville Motel!

The trailer for the 1992 film:

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