Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rain on a Tin Roof

As I write, rain is making its music on the tin roof of this century-old hand-hewn pine log cabin in the heart of Conecuh National Forest. I just got back from riding roads in hopes of finding migrating ambystomatid salamanders, like tiger salamanders and (dare I hope) flatwoods salamanders. Not much is happening that I could see, other than a few southern toads and a spadefoot toad or two wandering about. But this is the first major warm rain of the late fall, and somewhere out there the winter-breeding amphibians are stirring near their formerly dry breeding sites. During the time I was out there, I saw no one, and it was as if the 80,000-plus acre forest was all mine. But now I see this disturbing news item about declining use of National Forests. I really wouldn't mind sharing with a few more people.

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Margaret said...

Hi Mark-

I love this post! I can just picture you in the cabin after a night-riding trip. Made me wish I got out more to do stuff like that. Of course, we can hear peepers from our porch and I'm waiting to hear the first ornata and nigrita of the year in our pond. The Choctawhatchee is at flood stage right now - great conditions for IBWO searching...