Friday, June 20, 2008

Hillbilly Teeth

I'm dabbling in Facebook, and have only three "friends" so far. One, Naomi, saw my goofy avatar (above) on my page and made the following observation:

"Did you see there was a nationwide recall on those "hillbilly teeth" because they're lead-contaminated? And of course we know that ingesting too much lead will cause the exact kind of brain damage that turns normal kids into stereotypical dumb hillbillies.


I checked; she wasn't kidding. It might explain a lot. By the way, that photo above was from the late 90s, and these were genuine Billy Bob teeth. They were sure lots of fun back when nobody had ever heard of them. Yep, I was hillbilly teeth when hillbilly teeth weren't cool.

1 comment:

Karan said...

Yeah, but I still loves ya! Now where did my BBT picture go?.....